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Shubh bandhan is Global Matrimonial service exclusively for Gujarati speaking community for all caste and religion. We provide matrimonial services with utmost comfort to Gujarati speaking people all over the world.

We, Gujaratis are wary of so many commercial matrimonial web sites which lack personal touch. Our aim is to blend tradition with technology. It is the first web-site of its kind which offers both personalized and web based service. In most of the cases either you have to depend totally on online service which is not personally accessible or on manual service by personal marriage bureaus which are not acceptable to today’s tech-savvy youth.

While young generation prefers using internet, parents want to check the authencity in traditional way. Parents who are not web-friendly can access us via phone, while others can find the suitable match through our online search features. We cater to all by giving combination of both.


Shubhbandhan was started in 2002 with personalized service dealing with the requirement of each member individually. During 2002-2004 Shubh bandhan gained prominence in Jain, Vaishnav, Kapole and Patel Communities. In 2004 we launched our first web site and kept on upgrading it with a view to meet the growing demands of today’s youth.

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